Welcome to Bryan Health Pre-Registration Process

In order to complete this process efficiently, we recommend that you have the following readily available to you:
  * Admitting Physician Name (required)
  * Name of facility and scheduled procedure date
  * Patient & Emergency contact info including: address, phone numbers, birthdays and employment
  * All Insurance cards applicable for primary, secondary, and state/federal insurances
Upon completion you should receive a confirmation at the end of the pre-registration. If you do not receive
this confirmation, your registration may not have successfully been completed.
  Which Bryan facility will this procedure be performed?  
  Procedure Date or Estimated Due Date:  
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  In order to process your pre-registration information, please submit this form at least 48 hours prior
  to your scheduled date. If your scheduled date is less than 48 hours away, we will register you when
  you arrive at the Medical Center. Please bring your insurance card, driver's license and medication list
  with you to the Medical Center.
  If you have any questions related to your pre-registration, or wish to pre-register via telephone,
  please contact the Pre-Access Center at 402-481-5002 or 1-800-265-9342, Monday - Friday
  7:30 AM to 7:00 PM.
Thank you for choosing Bryan Health